Time is money

Time is a valuable resource so it’s better to do things as quickly and productively as possible. Time is something you can’t buy, can not be replaced and can’t be quantified.

Are you spending every spare moment looking online for a property and every weekend trudging the streets from one to another? Time is money, including the cost of staying where you are.

All this could be avoided by engaging a buyer’s agent to do all the leg work for you. A buyer’s agent uses all their experience and knowledge to do all the research for you in regards to the location and the type of property you want to purchase, whether it is a house, unit, apartment or townhouse. All this is researched and planned in detail before the property search begins.

Another advantage of using a buyer’s agent is that not only do they search through all the current properties that are on the market but they can also access properties which are ‘off market’ as well, properties that may not be released to the general market. This allows for a buyer’s agent to act swiftly if the property is suitable for their client and use their negotiating skills to find and secure the best property at the best price for you.

So think carefully and calculate the real cost of finding your perfect property on your own and you will see engaging a buyers consultant could save you a of of time and money.

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