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Property Sourcing

Wollongong Buyers Agent has the advantage of not having ties to any particular real estate agency, but contacts with many.

Over her 25 years working in the Wollongong property market, Sally Absalom has built up a wide network of contacts in the region’s leading selling agencies. She uses that network to source the ideal property for her clients, and help them purchase it for the fairest price.

Using her network, Sally can also “unlock” properties from agents who have vendors who are looking for off-market sales, or property developers who are about to release “off the plan” purchasing opportunities.

Selling agents like working with buying agents because they know they are dealing with a professional who understands the market and is representing a genuine buyer. Buyers agents are not considered a threat to selling agents and can work together very well to secure the best deal for both the vendor and buyer. This ensures that no-one’s time is wasted.