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Is There a Call for a Buyer’s Agent Service in Wollongong?

18 Oct 2016

This is a reasonably new concept in Wollongong. I have often wanted to assist buyers and I do believe I have, but always with the thought of achieving the best possible price for the vendors because the property has been my listing, hence I am employed by the vendor. Now it is time for the buyers to be nurtured and looked after.

What I have witnessed over the past couple of years as a Real Estate Agent is total frustration from buyers who have missed out on properties because of their inexperience in negotiating or simply because they could not make an open house and the property has sold straight away, sometimes even before the first open house.

I have found increasingly that people have to work on Saturdays which makes it very difficult for them to attend open houses. When they do get to attend an open house there are so many people there they really can’t relax and take their time looking. This is a strategy that agents use, to create urgency and try to get you to become emotionally attached and have urgency creating a fear of loss about the home. Employing a Buyer’s Agent to do your research takes all this angst out of finding the perfect property for you.

Another area Buyer’s Agents are engaged is in the Auction Process. Auction Sales in Wollongong have increased dramatically over the past couple of years. Buyer’s Agents are best for those purchasers who would like to remain anonymous at the Auction and for those who don’t feel confident bidding at an Auction.

Buyer’s Agents are experienced in these scenarios. They are acting on behalf of the buyers to try and secure the best deal possible. I am available to bid on your behalf at an Auction.

Another advantage a Buyer’s Agent has is that they are not emotionally attached to the property so they can provide clear thinking advice. They also often have a good relationship with the Listing Agent which is important when negotiating. A Buyer’s Agent is not a threat to the Listing Agent’s business, more it is complementary.

If you are curious how I can help you purchase your dream home or an investment don’t hesitate to call on 0415 424 257 or message me through our contact form.

Sally Absalom